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Share some tips portable paper print production

Portable paper shapes and sizes in our everyday use, each batch print volume is not large, and small batch printing inevitably wasteful, clever use of molded panels can be cost-effective.

Paper bags, although many varieties, but most of the market is still a rectangular paper bags, single shape, and number of copies of orders is often not very big, so we usually adopt offset printing technology to achieve printing. Its production process is relatively simple, the process in accordance with offset printing and finishing methods will be able to achieve widespread adoption of production, but against the paper if the characteristics of the process for further improvement, they can save costs.

Wherein a more practical technique is used repeatedly molded version. In most cases, paper bags packaging products not directly, but the product was first installed in the tray or plastic bag, and then placed in a paper bag in hand, to facilitate the hand and look decency, which makes customer paper bag the size of the hand often not as good as the tray strict accuracy requirements. Paper bags according to the characteristics of the printing length, width and height dimensions in the past had produced paper bags were the exact statistical summary, in accordance with the classification number of highly mobile paper bag.

For example, portable paper bag in height between 25cm to 30cm as a class, and all molded version of Paper bags within this highly visible are numbered sequentially number the custody arrangements, and in the record of the serial number indicate the corresponding molded version of the cut correct size (including length, width and height), molded version of the typesetting method, molded version of the gripper edge to the handle at a distance from the mouth off the line indentation. Printed paper bags to a customer, the first to find tables with identical dimensions best, if as long as similar sized portable paper bag, and customers can discuss whether you can print a similar size, such as customers served, on in this size to plate making, printing, and then use the original version of the already molded indentation process, throttling the construction of molded version of the cost and time. For paper bag production of large enterprises, such as the promise to do can be considerable economic benefits, is necessary to deal with the construction of the new version of the mobile bag molding, molded version of the new layout should be the same as the link method, the same gripper edge to handle at distance Origuchi indentation line, real-time after use should also be classified as registered, to prepare for repeated use in the future.

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