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Share some bags design and printing process and some tips

The so-called bags, which refers to the production of materials can be natural degradation, degradation and is not too long a time, while the bags can be used repeatedly.

Bags should have two aspects, one is made of natural materials can be reused; the other is bad does not remain after the solid waste in the natural environment, damage to the environment is small compared to other materials .

Design printed on the bags, for the general dry goods, it is recommended to use the nation's waste or waste in Europe, according to A or Class B Kraft Liner Board Technical indicators to control the production of paper. Surface layer of noodles may, or may not be linked, depending on whether or not to print complex patterns and advertising. At the same time, the sheet can be quantified in the 135-150 g / m2 .. 25 * 20 * 15cm bags withstand the weight of up to 8-15 kg.

Bags designed to withstand a certain need for water delivery or use the full paper. Only on the basis of the above criteria, add some wet strength agent is 0.5 to 1.0%, wet strength of 10 to 15% of the dry strength can.

Bags printed design also need to add or coated with environmentally friendly oil-repellent pulp in the papermaking process, a good surface strength can also be used on Kraft Liner Board secondary spray water-soluble or degradable resin.

Design bags design bags, first of all to highlight the environmental effects, the pattern according to the theme of bags, depending on the clarity of the display colors, or easy to understand, or abstract conceptualization, there are certain standards and requirements.

Printed bags, because under normal circumstances is a non-woven fabric printing, color shading and must do in accordance with the choice of fabric, the color will be bright bright.

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