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Warm prompt:Order 500 minimum 10T days time guarantee.
Service hotline: 400-098-9009

mobile phone: 18925475013

mobile phone: 13433005666

E-mail: dc119808@163.com

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Service Hotline:400-098-9009
Dongguan factory address: Building 7, No.70, Dongcheng section, Huancheng East Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City
Factory address in Wenzhou:Guandian Village Industrial Park,Qianku Town,Wenzhou City.
Advertising printing position and cost
Not more than seven color printing,Proofing fee RMB 50 / color
Thermal transfer printing costs for 4 Angle / 100 square centimeters, The version Cost 500 yuan
Film color printing version 500-1000 yuan/color,( According to the size of the bag to calculate the size)
But if you are a first time user , new LOGO or replaced, the order number less than 3000
You still need to pay each other plate-making fee (silk screen print fee)
The maximum printing position location for 20 cm x 25 cm
Locational Instructions
1.Before the mouth below 3 cm to 5 cm above bag
2.About 2 mouth side below 3 cm to 5 cm above bag
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