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How to clean non-woven bags?

Although environmental non-woven bags, but we have the occasional cleaning to prolong the life of non-woven bags, then how should we clean non-woven bags woven bags to keep intact. Here, we will introduce the method of cleaning non-woven bags.

1. First, non-woven bags can be cleaned, but can not use washing machine washing, not rub hard. Only a few hand rub gently, then rinse.

2. The immersion method. Non-woven bags with cold water or warm detergent blisters ten to twenty minutes, time not too long, because the non-woven material for a long time soaking water easily decomposed, do not use detergent containing bleach or fluorescent, Non-woven shopping bags to prevent discoloration.

3. After cleaning the first non-woven shopping bags leveling, remove excess water cool, well ventilated place to dry.

4. If you want to clean quickly, we recommend that you choose soft brush, gently rubbing his hands first, then let the whole soft brush brush again. It must be light because the nonwoven fabric special easy to break.
    5. When cleaning is recommended to gently hand wash the best, can not brush with a brush, non-woven bags will be very easy to fluff, non-woven shopping bags as difficult to read.

These are the method of cleaning non-woven bags, and I hope you can help. Search: non-woven bag factory in Dongguan bags woven bags bags company

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