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What kinds of bags?

Environment Environment is a problem with this influential social concern, bags are a necessity in our daily lives, how many bags we have the kind of knowledge and understanding. Let's be a little understanding.

The so-called "green bag" We use what is broadly divided into categories:.

1. Non-woven bags (in reuse, recovery from the last cycle can be called environmentally friendly)

2. Cotton bag (canvas bag and same characteristics)

3. canvas (relative to other materials it is the most environmentally friendly, and no environmental pollution)

4. flannel bags (mostly artificial cotton - cotton, polyester, and similar fabric of our clothes)

5. Polyester cloth vest bags (Polyester cloth, similar to our common umbrella cloth, the cloth and clothing, because this cloth bags are usually made vest style, so called vest bag)

6. Other environmental fabric bag (linen cloth and canvas, not the same nature)

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